sweat-shirt-speak-sheepUnlike the cards, I don’t actually physically make these tee shirts and sweat shirts because:

(a) I’m rubbish at sewing and

(b) according to my partner, who watches me hanging out the washing:

I have absolutely no feeling for fabric‘.

Of course the designs are all my original work

So you won’t find them on sale Anywhere Else in the Known Universe.

SWEAT SHIRTS are £24.50 with FREE UK postage. Available in Large and Medium (Speak sheep design only.)

All T shirts £16.50 with FREE UK postage.


T shirt Sizes:

Small (chest 34ins-36ins)

Medium (chest 38ins -40ins)

Large 42ins – 44ins)

Xlarge (46ins – 48ins)


Delivery times.

If I have the shirt in stock you should expect it within a week of placing order. If I am out of stock it may take up to two weeks. I will let you know when you place the order.

The Paint Chart series.

Ever wondered how they come up with the ridiculous names for different shades of paint…

(I did.This is the sort of thing you do in Wales during those long, wet, winter evenings.) 

There are three different Tee shirt designs or ‘colourways’ as I believe you’re supposed to call them.

True colours with header (Copy)

paint chart 1

 smallT shirt all colours med

Artist colours1.jpg

Paint chart 3

elepants tee

artist colours 2.jpg

Paint chart 2

elepants tee




The bags are small but perfectly formed tote-style bags (36cm x 34cm x 6cm.) They are made from 100% natural, 8oz cotton canvas.

Price £7.50


BAAG for Life