♦ Absolutely original . I do everything from drawing to mailing.

♦ Printed on high quality recycled card.

♦  £2.00 each.

♦ Standard Size 14.5cm x 10.5 cm. (5.71″  x 4.13″ )

♦ Usually dispatched within 24 hours of receipt.


Thank you for looking at sheep.

exam results day card image

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Baa Code

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fork in the road

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Baa Stool

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Baa-loonsPreview Image

Baa MitzvahPreview Image

It's ewePreview Image


love ewePreview Image

sheep counting web pagesPreview Image

Ewe sunshinePreview Image

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lamb postsPreview Image

lamb shadePreview Image

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apprentice-sheep new text smallPreview Image

sheepdog trialPreview Image

RelationsheepPreview Image

Sheepish colour 2 wordsPreview Image


silence of lambs image

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woolly mindPreview Image

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(A5 card £2.50)

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speak sheep 2

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