‘Erwin Schroedinger was a brilliant Austrian scientist who was probably over fond of dogs. When he wasn’t throwing sticks or tickling their tummies he spent his time working on Quantum Theory. This is so difficult to understand that it can make your head explode. In Erwin’s case such mental anguish may have been partly responsible for his infamous cat experiment.

Schroedinger was trying to demonstrate one of the paradoxes of Quantum Physics: which is that sub-atomic particles can defy the normal laws of Science and be in two places at the same time.

So one rainy day in 1935, Erwin lured a cat into his laboratory with a sardine tied to a long piece of string. Then he grabbed the unfortunate cat and locked it into a box together with a bottle of poison gas and a Geiger counter. The Geiger counter was set up so that as soon as it detected the decay of a radioactive atom it broke open the bottle and released the deadly gas…

Was little kitty dead or alive? Well most sensible people would have ticked the dead box, called the RSPCA and written a strongly worded letter to their MP.  BUT according to Erwin they would have been wrong. In Quantum World until someone actually opened the box and looked inside, the state of the cat would be unresolved.  It would be neither dead nor alive but a mixture of both – unlike Schroedinger who is now definitely dead.’ 

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