I also write children’s books.

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You can buy WOLFIE from Albury Children’s Books for £6.99 plus £3.00 postage

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baby baby front cover
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‘This is the perfect book to prepare a young child to welcome a new sibling. They often feel overlooked and need a lot of reassurance that they are still loved. Even before a new baby arrives some children feel quite stressed and tend to act out. This book was very appealing and combined with the art work it felt comforting. If a new baby is on the way, this book and a few cuddles and kisses will be exactly what you need.’

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You can buy Baby Baby from Albury Children’s Books for £5.99 (plus £3 p&p) 

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​Lucky Duck paperback £4.99 (plus £3.00 p&p)

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Wahoo and Wahoo 2 are brand new story books for donor assisted parents to read with their children.

Wa-hoo 1 cover

Research strongly suggests that the sooner this topic is introduced, the easier it is for a child to accept it as a normal part of their life story.

Wahoo! deals with sperm donation and Wahoo! 2 is about egg donation.  The books explain in simple language that some people make babies easily; other people need a little bit of help to make their baby.

The books are a very child friendly 10cm by 10 cm. Perfect for toddlers small hands.

Wa-hoo! and Wa-Hoo!- 2 are £7.99 each, including postage.

They don't care about

Wa-hoo 1 cover

the donor egg
Wa-hoo 2 cover

    ‘This is a brilliantly child-centred book. It is sensitive to young children’s level of understanding and is beautifully illustrated.

Dr Lucy Howarth, Consultant Paediatrician. Oxford University NHS Trust.

Wa-hoo 2 cover
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